4. The name of Christ

   Daniel Yuhasz
The name Jesus only goes back to Roman times--it is a Romanized or anglocized form of Yeshua. Jesus was not His original name- there was not an s at the end of His name. God allowed the name to be changed so that the real Holy name would n...ot be blasphemed. The name Jesus is very much abused today--used in swearing and to promote violence and sin. When mankind returns to the ways of this man then we may be allowed to use His real name again. It says in the Bhagavad Gita that if we pray to God with a different name than the true name of God that God will still answer to the less perfect name. Original names of God have a mystical power in them-- the sounds actually have a spiritual effect on you when you pronounce them even if you are not aware of the power. This is why scripture must be kept intact and not changed any at all. In the beginning was the word and the word was God (John-last gospel)-- God is present even in the sound of His name.This is why Indian Vedic liturgy is in sanskrit- to preserve the integrity of the attributes of God. If you look in the latin Tridentine Mass Jesus is referred to as" Jesu Christe"--more similar to his real name.The latin language form of His name is closer to his real name but the older liturgy is much less often used in modern times. This is evidence that the old mass from before 1960 may have some redeeming qualities because the name is more correct in pronounciation. praying, saying or singing the names of God can have a sanctifying effect on your soul and it can save you from much suffering caused by your sins. it can also give you graces that that name or person had when He was on earth. Because there are many attributes of God and God is very old there are many names given to the one God--all emphasize a particular quality or qualities of God When we take one step towards God He or She takes 1000 steps towards us. If you have read this far, God bless you.